Construction Management provides professional project management techniques to complete and deliver the project within contract stipulated time. A team environment is developed between construction management, consultant(s), contractor(s) and other project stakeholder(s) to ensure the completeness of scope and delivering the project by proper utilization of resources and producing maximum output, while maintaining quality and safe work environment. Our 'Construction Management' services include the following:

  • Management of construction packages
  • Monitoring of consultant(s)
  • Monitoring of contractor(s)
  • Monitoring of progress
  • Management of time and cost
  • Management of change
  • Management of contracts
  • Monitoring and tracking of materials procurement
  • Interface management
  • Monitoring of submittals
  • Management of documents
  • Conduct and chair progress meetings
  • Safety assurance
  • Quality assurance
  • Management of testing and commissioning
  • Management of project handover and closeout
  • Management of claims