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Our Services

Our client focus, disciplined management-approach, capabilities and resources, agile structure and strategic alliances enables us to provide clients with value-added integrated project management solutions and services conforming to best practices in the industry and assist the client to achieve better results across each cycle of the project’s life. Our tailored solutions allow us to oversee projects safely, on-time, and within approved project budgets across all or any of the project’s life cycles:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning

Our Projects

SAUDI ARABIA experience:

  • 3S Facility For Luxuary Car Brands
  • Namariq Camp At King Abdullah Economic City
  • Dallah Hospital Staff Resedints In Riyadh
  • West Expansions of Dallah Hospital
  • Namariq Residency Camp – Yaubu Royal Commission
  • Namariq Residency At Jazan Economic City

QATAR experience:

  • Ibis Hotel & Adagio urban Apartments
  • Doha Souk